The Talent:

Philippe Franospinovian IV

Born in France, raised in Spain and now living on the pleasure-island Ibiza, at 25 years old, Philippe is the current patriarch of an old noble Spanish family. He recently graduated from Oxford College, and almost but not completely, as a Rhodes Scholar. We are happy to have him writing for us.


Rebecca Ramoni

A current graduate student at NYU, Rebecca lives in Brooklyn with her small poodle whom she adores, Spliff. She lives a quiet life (i.e. she’s not on social media) so we don’t know a lot about her beyond that. We like her writing, though, and we are happy to have her on our team.


Paul Stanley

A studious young man who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and frequently writes fiction that takes place in that locale, though not always.


Anthony Giuffre

Now living in Santa Barbara, California, Anthony is a good golfer (he can hit drives far and straight) a swimmer (he can swim across the Lifetime Fitness pool in right about 15 seconds), and a prolific songwriter (he has recorded more songs than his band has fans). He’s learning Dutch because, ideally, he’d like to write in Dutch.