Our Companies

An English pronunciation course, web development + one online English school. Also some toys.

Visit them from inside this site. 


PronouncePro publishes the world's easiest to use American English Pronunciation course and other books for learning English.

Online English Spot

The English Spot is a place filled with English lessons for students learning English. The website is free but there are membership options for you to work with a team of English teachers. 

SEO Works Scottsdale

Everybody can benefit from having a website that works well. Businesses especially benefit. SWS sells custom web packages that make entering the digital world easier. Packages come with a unique content integration system that gets traffic to your website the organic way. And they're built by great developers. It's also a full service web development company.

Bead Store LAX

Did you miss the fidget spinner train? We offer you the orignal fidget spinners handmade in Athens, Greece.