American English Pronunciation Course

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Improve your English speaking.

Speaking English is something you've worked hard for. Let us help you sound your best. 

In addition to our pronunciation course we also have grammar, vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verb books available. 


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The course is available in both hardcopy and digital download. If you pay for shipping for the hardcopy version, you will also get the digital download version.


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Our pronunciation course teaches American English, which is English with the American accent. You will learn how to pronounce each of the sounds and use the sounds in sentences and difficult to pronounce words. 

What it comes with:

The course is a DVD, an audio CD and a book with mouth diagrams for each sound. 

We offer discounts for schools and companies and any bulk orders. 

The Price:

$42.95 on sale for $29.95 

Email to purchase.